Making a Difference

Unified Pacific is committed to making a positive impact by donating 100% of the proceeds of our Maui Strong and Island Collection - Maui t-shirt to the Hawai’i region Red Cross dedicated to aiding those affected by the fires. Additionally 25% of all orders from now until September 30th will be donated as well.  Together, we can make a difference and help rebuild the lives of those impacted by this devastating event. Thank you for your compassion and generosity in supporting our ohana.


4Winners Collaboration

Unified Pacific and 4Winners are working together to make a difference in Maui! 4Winners is a Print On Demand company based in Las Vegas with a passion for helping others. Together, we are unified to help raise funds for Maui and make a positive impact.


2023 Hawaii Wildfires - Red Cross Response in Hawaii

Unified Pacific is collaborating with American Red Cross and their efforts to shelter those in need.